Some Mistakes Parents Make When Putting And Using Car Seats

Some Mistakes Parents Make When Putting And Using Car Seats

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When it comes to the welfare and safety of your children, no stones should be left unturned. With this in mind, parents should always be careful when installing and using car seats. Mistakes should be avoided such as putting the car seat in the front seat. Instead place it at the back seat, away from active air bags. Always do some research if you’re planning to buy a second-hand car seat. Make sure the instruction manual is still there, it’s not more than 6 years, and has no visible damage or missing parts. Don’t make your child sit in the car seat for a long time because this can be a danger to his health. It can affect his breathing or he can fall out of a car seat that’s not properly utilized. Don’t use the car seat outside of your car.

Another mistake to be avoided is letting your child wear sizable outerwear because these can prevent the straps from tightly securing your baby. Better to fasten the harness first then cover your baby with a blanket to keep him warm. Don’t change to a safety belt too soon, just make sure that your child is ready. You’ll know this once he reaches the height of 4’9″. If you want more safety tips and other vehicular concerns, visit They have an extensive database on cars, including reviews on the latest cars, multi-car comparisons, tips for first time buyers and a lot more.



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