Father’s Day Card For Lolo Toto

This is what Kimy gave her Lolo Toto during Father’s Day. The card is just made of a red special paper and cut-outs of our pictures, and unfortunately, these were all printed in black and white! Too bad we only have a monochrome printer at home. Hihi.

Father's Day Card For Lolo Toto

How about you? What did you gave your dad? Or grandpa?

To Die For Kitchen

To Die For Kitchen

Everyone who likes to cook definitely wants a kitchen that’s spacious, complete, clean, and with top of the line equipment. In a dream kitchen, one can cook all the dishes that she and her family likes and maybe make new recipes. For sure, it would be exciting to be a part of everything, from the planning to the building. Eventually seeing your dream kitchen come to life would make you want to be a better cook. Read More →

Pic N’ Paint

Pic N' Paint

One of Kimy’s favorite hobbies is painting so I decided to bring her at Pic N’ Paint in SM City – Bacolod. It is a small space located at SM City’s East Bridge which let kids (and adults too) to paint any figurine they like.

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